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Growth Marketing & Planning
July 3, 2020

Pat Rice & Hawkins


For over 30 years, PRH has created and commanded an industry-leading role in the marketing of high-quality farm, rural and lifestyle properties.

Their guiding philosophies include the highest ethical standards, a positive proactive approach to property presentation and marketing and a desire that their vendors achieve high satisfaction.

Pat Rice & Hawkins is also affiliated with Ruralco, one of the world’s leading agriculture supply companies, recently acquired by global juggernaut Nutrien.


>> Increase Traffic to Website (Property Listings)
>> Increase Leads on Property Listings
>> Database Acquisition incl. Social Media Growth


>> Leverage the immense learning power of the Facebook Ads platform to strategically target prospects.
>> Develop a uniquely creative approach and targeting strategy for each individual property listing.
>> Work with identified key personnel at PRH to amplify their personal brands to directly contribute to brand awareness.


>> TTS developed a full-funnel paid Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy for the purpose of achieving the end goal: conversions (property sales).
>> A/B tests including split testing between different objectives, target audiences, placements and creatives to optimise for best results.
>> Video content was specifically edited for social media advertising, including vertical video for specific placements.
>> Various Custom and Lookalike Audiences were used, depending on where the audience was in the funnel.


>> TTS have executed 30 plus separate paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, of which 62.5% sold to a buyer that was initially served an ad.
>> PRH’s own social media followers grew by over 4000 since the program was initiated.
>> The Facebook Ad campaigns generated, an average, 2.1 times more enquiries than a realestate.com.au listing generated.
>> The Facebook Ad campaigns generated, on average, 6.3 times more enquiries than a Domain listing generated.
>> Over an 18 month period, Facebook Ad campaigns generated an average of 71 enquiries to the property listing on the Pat Rice & Hawkins website.

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    Pat Rice & Hawkins

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