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November 23, 2018

Girls Can B


Dual Olympian and 8 x BMX and Mountain Bike World Champion, Caroline Buchanan, is more than just an athlete. As a leading example of the girl who can, Caroline’s mission is to be the most decorated all-round female cyclist, mastering everything on two wheels and acting as a unique role model for the next generation of kids in sport.

Adding to her inspiration on and off the bike, Caroline endeavoured to take her passion to encourage and empower the next generation of kids to be anything they want to be with the publication of her first children’s book ‘Girls Can B – Dress Up Day’.


Increase Brand Awareness and Social Conversation
Build an Engaged Online Community and Encourage User-Generated Content
Generate Online Book Sales


>> Crafting a message and online presence that shared Caroline’s story in a tone of voice that spoke to her youngest audience.
>> Established an online brand and community that incorporated clear channel strategy and tactics to contribute to her overall personal brand strategy.
>> Integration of e-commerce to amplify opportunity purchase books via digital advertising.


>> Establish a unique brand identity for the Girls Can B brand, designed to appeal and target 2 new demographics: children and parents of young fans.
>> Build and roll-out website landing page (girlscanb.carolinebuchanan.com) to facilitate online book sales.
>> Create and strategically plan out social media content, rolled out on Instagram and, that drives the Girls Can B brands key messaging as well as online sales.
>> Ideation and implementation of the custom hashtag #GirlsCanB in order to track the social conversation and engage with audiences and fans.
>> Encouragement of audiences and fans to share as much organic and authentic content as possible, that we could then repurpose on Girls Can B social pages.


>> Acquisition of active and engaged social community (Instagram and Facebook).
>> 640+ book sales in first 4 months of book launch (without paid advertising)
>> 3,700+ online store sessions (without paid advertising)
>> Consistent inflow of user-generated content using #GirlsCanB

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    Caroline Buchanan

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    Communications, Digital Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing

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