YouTube to Launch Its Own Music Streaming Service

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    Digital music gained notoriety with the file sharing network Napster in 1999, and nowadays, the market for it has expanded massively, making going to the shops and buying a CD almost redundant due to downloading and streaming. Now, we’re constantly resourcing digital music services such as iTunes, Rdio, Soundcloud and Spotify. But there’s a new competitor on the horizon…
    Whispers are that YouTube are starting another big venture, and could soon be streaming music. A report from Billboard suggests that YouTube is preparing to launch a free music streaming service and a subscription service will include the ability to download while being ad-free.
    YouTube will allow streaming of full albums, and have already secured the licensing rights to Sony Music, WarnerMusic and Universal Music Groups. While this seems really promising, what’s going to make YouTube’s music service different from say, Spotify?
    I know that I, myself, am a sucker for going into YouTube and trying to find a specific song on-demand. I’m just a part of YouTube’s massive inbuilt audience looking for music. YouTube already has the market there, but where I see them moving past their competitors is that YouTube is a social network.
    Imbedding, sharing and compiling playlists with your friends…now there’s an idea I love the sound of! Having your friends ad their own tastes and favourites into a shared playlist whilst listening to others. I also see the potential to make your very own music video channel – your personalised MTV or Rage.
    As a hard-core music enthusiast myself, I think there is ample opportunity for YouTube to deliver the goods. If they can harness quality, social, and setting their price right…I’ll be sold!