You don’t WIN friends with auto wall posts

    Anthea Kuthan

    Say goodbye to the infamous Facebook app auto share as it heads out of those blue Facebook doors to spamville. You may or may/not have noticed the recent splurge in popularity of auto shares from various apps on Facebook, and I’m sure we have all had requests from Farm and Gangster games that our friends play requesting to join their gang or farm.
    But before we discuss why Facebook has canned this feature, lets first describe what it was.
    The auto wall post is a permission applications will ask for to be able to post to you and your friends Facebook walls usually in an attempt to try and force promote itself to as many people as it can. This will result in an influx of “spam type” messages asking you to play a game or join a cause.
    Facebook have now recognised this feature as a no-no due to a generation of high levels of negative user feedback, which included “Hides” and “Mark as Spam” and so are removing it from the API. This change will take place over the next 90 days and offer an alternative to create a similar outcome.
    What does this mean for users and brands moving forwards?
    For brands it means you will no longer be able to automatically post to user walls or users friends walls trying to force your way into a viral space. For users this means that those games you play or apps you use will no longer be able to automatically post to your wall with what you are doing or how many friends you need to get that next level.
    Facebook still allow the dialogue style popup box for shares which gives the user the option to share but doesn’t force it.

    A strategy we usually strongly recommend is adding an additional incentive like extra entries in a competition or the possibility to win something by sharing via a optional dialogue box.
    We know that some brands will hate this and some will see this as a blessing in disguise but do you think, Is this a step in the right direction for Facebook to make sure that users aren’t bombarded with messages that are uninvited?