Will you ask Facebook anything?

    Sam Mutimer

    Buzzing around Facebook is the newly launched application called Facebook Questions. So, what is it and will it change the way you’re currently using Facebook?
    According to a post on Facebook Blog, this application allows you to “get a broader set of answers and learn invaluable information from knowledgeable people on a range of topics”. Or put more simply, you post a question in the Facebook Questions box and you’ll receive responses from one of its 500 million Facebook users.
    Mashable released a post outlining some of its features. These include:
    -      Photo Questions: if you’re unsure about what something is in a photograph you have just taken, post it onto Facebook Questions accompanied by a question and someone will answer it.
    -      Polling: if you want to know what people think on a certain topic, for example, “Is Coke or Pepsi better?” you can set up your question as a poll
    -Â Â Â Â Â Â Tagging: your question will be tagged according to its category or topic as mentioned above
    -Â Â Â Â Â Â Topic Exploration: You can browse through all the questions
    -Â Â Â Â Â Â Following: you can follow certain questions as they are updated
    Will it change the homepage at all? Slightly, but it shouldn’t hinder the way that you’re currently using Facebook. It will be placed where your status updates go on your main feed, as well as inserted alongside your events, calendar and application tabs making it easily accessible, but not distracting.
    For businesses, Facebook Questions can be used as a mighty tool for your business because of its tagging and topic exploration features. If someone has posted a question and it is in your field of work, answer it and they will more than likely research your brand, gaining a potential client.
    If you’re wondering why you don’t have this feature yet on your Facebook page, hold tight, it’s coming to your page soon! It’s currently still in its beta stage and being tested by selected users, but is expected to spread to all profile over the next few weeks.
    If you’d like to become a beta tester, you can sign up here
    What will your first question be when Facebook Questions appears on your page? Does this post help to clear up the why and what of facebook questions?