What is a social media strategy?

    Sam Mutimer

    Strategy: A plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result: a strategy for getting ahead in the world. In military terms there is a distinction between strategy and tactics. Strategy is the long-range planning and development that leads to victory. Tactics deals with the deployment of troops and weapons in actual combat.
    For your brand, there is no shortage of marketing activities that can draw your resources and without employing a strategy, this can lead to little impact and mixed messages online. How do you know which ones to choose? What social media channels do you need to be involved in? Unlike ever before, there is the opportunity to engage and connect with your audience but even more chances to miss the mark.
    The sheer volume of information on this topic is mind blowing and it easy to get carried away with the next thing without first thinking through the best practices. The myth is that social media is easy, free and available to everyone. I would argue that it is effective and empowering but not easy, your time is not free and not everyone will know how to use it.
    How do you know when to take the messages offline or how both spheres best complement each other. The hand should know what the foot is doing in for maximum leverage. A large though disconnected army, has a big disadvantage against a tight, concentrated team.
    So lets look at Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz ,Vimeo as the ‘tactical’ elements then the overarching strategy it as the ‘why’ we are doing what we are doing. Below are elements we include in any social media strategy and answering all of these questions below is healthy start to getting you on track.
    What are you trying to achieve?
    You need to understand how your audience is using Social Media? Finding, listening, monitoring is all part of strategising ways to engage with your target market across multiple Social Media platforms.

    • What is your unique value proposition? The one thing that makes you unique. Just simple copying what your competitors is doing leads to nowhere.
    • How Will You Measure Success? Setting up measurement KPI to test and measure what channels are working best, what adjustments to make or what to freeze altogether.

    This post doesn’t even touch the surface of the ‘what and how’ of a social media strategy. I intend to go into more depth by the guidance of your comments, so feel free to comment below in regards to what you want to know. I can’t wait to blog about strategy further! 😉