Vine Not!

    Anthea Kuthan

    This week saw the release of a brand spanking new social network called Vine. Coming directly from the nest of Twitter, this little hatchling is ready to shake up the world of video on the social field. It is currently only available as an iPhone app but is FREE to download and has room to muscle out later.
    Vine allows the everyday smartphone video user to take a seat in the ‘directors’ chair and although Twitter brings it to you, you don’t need a Twitter login to use it. Many have already described it as the ‘Instagram of video’ with its easy to use mechanics and satisfactory end result, it’s sure to be a quick crowd pleaser.
    How does it work you ask? Vine allows you to capture 6 seconds of video in different bursts and then edit them together to create one * ahem * little video, which you can then publish on both Twitter and Facebook. No lights, camera, ACTION required here, It seems the more raw the content the more amusing and quirky the video.
    Users have already taken to Twitter bragging about their creations and using trending hashtags #vine #vineapp and directly from Vine themselves #vinefavs. Within four short days they have drummed up 13,505 followers.
    However it wasn’t all fireworks and streamers for the launch which saw the first 24 hours plagued with problems of adult content appearing unrestricted via the app. (#vineporn)
    Much is also said for the strategic value of a social network creating a spin off social network fragmenting its already fragmented products, especially on the back of social networks like Google+ and Facebook who are bringing a suite of products under one banner.
    What does this mean for brands? Vine, for now, opens up the creativity stream for brands. Enabling them to connect with consumers and potential consumers in a quirky and fun manner and in a short amount of time! If vine takes off (as we think it has the potential to do), we see vine expanding into offering the ability for users to embed these short videos into their own websites, which would definitely bring the benefits of these short videos further into the mainstream, particularly for brands.
    Keen to get the creative juices flowing? Download Vine here: http://bit.ly/WgCCh4