Once Upon a Timeline…

    Sam Mutimer

    “The attention of the consumer has changed, so why hasn’t the attention of the marketers? Learn to communicate with your consumers like the year that it actually is.” – Gary Vaynerchuk (Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of VaybeMedia)
    This week we’re covering the K.I.S.S principle. Keep It Story Social.
    So you have approx. 2 seconds of consumer thumb scrolling time, so, are you going to talk ‘AT’ them or actually ENGAGE and take them from scroll to seen.
    Think of how much you enjoyed a story before bed as a kid rather than mum and dad just ‘telling’ you to go to bed. Let’s take it back to basics and use this same principle in the approach to successful social media story-telling marketing. Your story-telling skills are so much more important now than ever before with you competing against millions of other brands for news feed space.
    We ‘heart’ user-generated content. Your consumers are lapping up your brand in the ‘real world’ and pretty much telling ALL their friends about how GREAT your product is for FREE! Not because you’ve hired an actor to tell them it’s great in a TVC, not because a celeb has endorsed it in a magazine, just because they REALLY, REALLY #loveit.
    They’ve created the beginning of the story it’s up to YOU to fill in the middle and the end by sharing their content with your community.
    Every company has a story to tell, it’s just breaking it down to the basics and keeping it ‘social’.
    Here are some quick social takeaway tips that you can start using from TODAY!
    1) Tell a visual story – A great book is fantastic with words but with the addition of imagery it really gets the imagination going. Use this method with your social stories and make them relevant.
    2) Share your Companies HISTORY – Pull out those old pics from the archives and get posting. Celebrate milestones with this type of content.
    3) Do you have a brand mascot or character? Leverage off the story of this character to include in your overall content plan. They could even become the ‘voice’ setting the tone of your social pages so that potential customers/clients can relate to them.
    In a nutshell if you are able to relate with your targeted audience you are onto a winner, whether it be through humour, emotion, inspiration. Get out there and tell YOUR story.
    To get you started and inspire some social cells, here are a couple of our office favs social peeps/pages, who we think are #killing it in the storytelling space:
    Alex Grey – It’s a page of his visionary art to inspire everyone on a creative path, as well as affirming the values of love and wisdom.
    Lorna Jane – Each post has a story, a message and keeps us hungry for more! She fulfills needs to live an active life: determination, courage, striving for more, belief, embracing new experiences, being positive, keeping fit and eating healthily! She tells and sells that story so well through her visuals.
    N2 Extreme Gelato – A place for the inner greedy child, creative head and the quirky. Telling fab stories through Gelato and passion for life and local living.
    … The End