Updates To the Facebook Ads Interface – The Long Overdue First Step

    Thinktank Social

    The Facebook ads tool is currently undergoing long overdue updates. Certain advertisers are able to now test out new optimisation features, which may be made open to the public should they be deemed to be useful.
    In addition to this, we’re now all noticing a big change in the way results are returned. Whereas before ‘connections’ had served as the primary indicator of success, we now have ‘actions’ in its place.
    So what exactly are these ‘actions’?
    Actions are any one of the many new micro-metrics which allow users to view and optimise their campaigns in specific detail. These actions include (cheers to Techcrunch):
    •    People talking about this
    •    Page likes
    •    Page post likes
    •    Pagepost comments
    •    Page post shares
    •    @ mentions
    •    check-ins
    •    photo tags
    •    offers shared
    •    offers claimed
    •    App installs
    •    App used
    •    Credit spend events (number of times someone uses credits in the app)
    •    Credit spend amount (value of credits that werespent in the app)
    •    Number of RSVPs
    Obviously given the specificity of the actions above, marketers are now able to monitor andtweak campaigns with a higher degree of control. Of course this means more successful campaigns via tweaking and testing, whether that be number of likes to a page, engagement, or applications installed, etc.
    In addition, Facebook now tracks user behaviour after being exposed to an ad for 24 hours. Both ‘post-impression’, as well as ‘post-click’ actions are measured. This meansthat vital metrics have a higher chance of being accounted for (more accurate conversion rates).
    As marketers, we all know that data is worth its weight in gold. Knowing audience behaviour allows us to build specifically for them, in turn producing better and moreexpected results.
    Guesses morph into estimates, which then morph into forecasts.
    With this recent improvement to the Facebook ad platform, we now have the opportunity to get to know our audience on a more personal level. We now have more of an opportunity to find out what makes them ‘tick’.
    We believe the ‘actions’ update to be of immense value. What areyour thoughts about Facebook ad’s new capabilities? Will they be of use to you on your latest campaign?