Twitter by gender in Australia

    Sam Mutimer

    So, off the back of feedback on my recent post on the demographic of LinkedIn STATS, I thought I might let you in on one of our little secrets here at Thinktank Media.
    Most people think that the Twitter audience is predominately female. Indeed in the US, where most of our market research comes from, it is female dominated. This is contrary to popular belief. Here in Australia the numbers are unusual.


    Source: Google Ad Planner – Viewed 30th April, 2010.
    Twitter users in Australia are 66% Male.
    Twitter users in America are 60% Female.
    4 Keys:

    1. This is an exceptionally ugly looking graph.
    2. These are remarkable differences and a staggering insight into the differences in culture.
    3. Figures like this should dictate how you treat different social media channels.
    4. This figures change very regularly, so they will be outdated almost the month this post is uploaded.

    There were also major difference is the dominant age groups. The United States most active group on social media is 35-44 years olds, whereas here it is the 45-55 year olds at 32%.
    The United Kingdom is behind us but ahead of the USA on 58% males. Japan is just slightly behind us on 62% males.
    I would love to hear your theories and interpretations on why you think it is this way here in OZ in the comments section below.