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    Facebook Developers announced on its blog that they made a redesign of the developer site so that it’s easier to find the things you need to integrate Facebook into your app or website in early December 2013. The fully functioning new site is being rolled out slowly in the following weeks.
    The first time I opened the newly designed developers website, I was amazed by the brand new interface which is much cleaner and neater.
    Facebook says the new design and interface will make it easier for you to:
    – Manage your apps and configure Facebook integrations
    – Navigate our improved documentation
    – Submit your app to the Facebook App Center with a simplified flow
    – Find and report bugs with a faster response turnaround
    – Learn about the latest updates and news relevant to you on our homepage
    Let’s have a look at the new dashboard:
    App Dashboard
    You can find out the stats of API calls, errors and average request time used in simple and clean line charts intuitively on the very first page of your app dashboard.
    For the past few years, Facebook app developers have relied on App Insights to learn how consumers use their app. At Thinktank Social, we also have our self-developed Fusion to monitor the app stats for our Facebook apps as the insights can not only help us understand the user behaviours but also gather the permitted user information. With the insights provided by Facebook, it helps us to make deeper analysis of our apps.
    If you click “Insights” on the left hand side on dashboard, you will be redirected to https://www.facebook.com/insights/
    What you see here is App Insights 1.0 which is the interface we’ve been very familiar with.
    Select one of your apps and go to the App Insights overview. If you click “Try the new App Insights” on the top, you will be lead to App Insights 2.0, which is the still in beta stressed by Facebook and was released in late January 2014. With the completely redesigned interface, it’s a lot easier to navigate among various stats and reports.
    Insights Overview
    For you own data, all of it has been consolidated into a single graph with the stats of traffic sources of New Logins including web, mobile web, other clients and iOS, and metrics of Stories and Referrals. And if you would like to do a deeper investigation of your data, you can also go into the other tabs of Login, Stories, Referrals and APIs, which allows you to review more detailed stats visually, drill down the data by various metrics, and export to Excel reports.
    Insights Login
    This newly updated toolset enables developers to gather even more reliable and sufficient information.
    If you’ve checked out the new Facebook Developers site, please tell us what you think of it in the comments sections below!