Thinktank Media HQ is Going to Connect Now

    Sam Mutimer

    Here’s a quick hello to all going to Connect Now – can’t wait to see you there! I used 2 of my new “mutimerisms” (as Iggy Pintado likes to call them) in the vid, who can pick them??? ;-)Â Those who are not going…then tuck into Jades post below!

    @huxley @armano and Siobhan
    This month, there is an amazing conference called Connect Now. This is the first conference of its type in Australia. I attended Marketing Now last year and it brought together the social media community.
    Sam and Ben will both be attending and we wanted to share this opportunity with the Thinktank Media Community.

    Why you should attend connect now

    There are some awesome people attending.

    The speakers are top quality. We have Thinktank favorites attending – both @problogger and Gary Vaynerchuk are speaking. There are heaps of other aussies and international guests.
    The real gems are in the audience. You get people at all levels of success. There are those that work in the industry and would be able to help you during the breaks. You can chat with many of the speakers. For 2-3 days, there develops a strong community around learning and sharing.
    You can tweet us at @thinktankmedia and @sammutimer. If we are able to, we will meet up and connect with you during the event.

    It empowers you to learn more about social media

    I’ve met people that have paid over $1’000 for a one day conference. In many cases, they just know the basics and are struggling to grow their social media events.
    They usually come away from these events buzzing. They’ve learned a lot from the presenters and attendees. They’ve got recommendations of blogs and books that are targeted to their situation. They’ve got business cards of people who are willing to help them learn more.
    They are utilising the tools they are talking about
    Siobhan has worked really hard to make sure they have a kick arse social media presence. She created twitter lists for both attendees and and the speakers. She has organised a Connect Now iphone app though Motherapp. The guy behind that initiative is also speaking. There will also be a bunch of us – attendees and speakers – contributing to the posterous account over the next month. Even if you have no intention of attending the event, you should definitely look at how Connect Now is being promoted via social media.

    You’ll get free copies of some of the latest social media releases
    If you attend the first day, you’ll get a copy of The Whuffie Factor and Engage. If you attend the second, you’ll get a copy of Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve read all of these books and they are brilliant. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get them signed!

    Don’t worry if you can’t attend – we’ll keep you up to date.

    We understand that some businesses may not be able to afford the fee this year. That’s cool. This is destined to become a major part of the social media industry and there will be other chances to attend. We’ll try to bring you all the awesome goss from the event. We’ll cover some of the new trends on the blog and will keep you up to date via the twitter feed.

    Over to you

    I believe that anybody wanting to learn about social media would get a lot out of this conference. I’m that passionate about it that I’ve been working for free, blogging for the organisers and helping out with their social media presence. I get no compensation for this.
    If you’ve been wanting to attend but have had some reservations, respond in the comments. We’ll either reply or pass them onto the organisers.
    Jade Craven