The Social Networks You Probably Haven't Signed Up For

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    Jordana Borensztajn is an iPhone and social media addict, journalist, comedian, and social media trainer who spends way too much time online.
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    Designed to capture a ‘moment in time’ pics and videos sent in Snapchat are viewable for up to 10 seconds. When this countdown ends, the media ‘self-destructs’. Apparently. We all know what goes online, stays online.

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    While many dismiss Snapchat because it sounds dirty, the philosophy behind the social network is far from flawed. In fact, it’s damn smart. We rely on instant communication every day. We expect our friends and colleagues to be contactable any time via SMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
    Snapchat’s the same. It’s just REALLY instant. And it uses images, which are powerful. Unless you’re a tech wiz, you’ll never retrieve old messages. So if you insist the selfie you Snapchatted yesterday would make Naomi Campbell’s jaw drop, then yep, I totally believe you.


    A gem among musicians, SoundCloud makes it easy to upload and share audio, build networks, and follow, like and re-post sound bites.

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    Sign up is simple, offering both Facebook and Google Plus options. When cruising through SoundCloud, you’ll find news programs, audiobooks, podcasts, comedy shows, plus music from the industry’s biggest pop stars like Usher and Katy Perry.
    You can listen to Barack Obama’s speeches, and if you search for Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, you’ll find their grabs too. Thankfully, nobody’s posted a K-Rudd and T-Abbott megamix. Yet.


    Just like crop tops and flannels have made fashion comebacks, long-form blogging is once again trendy in the digital space.
    Describing itself as a place to “share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters” don’t assume Medium’s creators are dissing Twitter – far from it. They co-founded Twitter (and Blogger), which probably explains why sign up requires a Twit-account.
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    Currently invite-only for publishing, new members and guests are free to indulge in all of the story-telling, creativity and collaboration on offer: “At the heart of Medium is the idea that people create better things together.”
    Medium’s reportedly taken magic ingredients from Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit to create this new mix that fits somewhere in the… medium?