The Power of Facebook – Bringing Individuals Right Up To Your Fingertips

    Thinktank Social

    Facebook has seen a fair share of stains to its reputation – From being blamed for contributing to one-third of divorces in the UK to enduring anti-fans’ constant griping about how “Privacy is dead in the age of Facebook”.
    Resent the explosion of social media if you will, but the power of social networking, made possible by platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, is undeniable. Last May, Sam blogged a post on Twentythree’s campaign that utilised Facebook to find individuals with specific blood for the NATAL trauma centre for emergency. And just this week, we came across this video about couple that managed to find an organ donor via Facebook!

    When 36-year-old Dan Garrett had failed to find a kidney donor among his friends and family, his wife had put a notice up on Facebook, which led to an offer from another Facebook user, Aly Carr. Other social networking sites such as Twitter have also brought organ donors and seekers together – Chris Strouth had got 19 offers for a kidney when he tweeted “sh*t, I need a kidney” on his account after learning his kidney disease was worsening.
    The extent and implications of Facebook’s social networking capabilities continue to astound us – who would have thought it would bring about a whole different era of communication? If air travel was said to bring countries closer, social media can be said to have brought individuals right up to our fingertips.