The Not-So-Snappy Guide to Setting Up Snapchat for Brands

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    When Jordana Borensztajn– isn’t blogging about Snapchat, she’s busy performing comedy, indulging in her addiction to social media, and using her skills to help others navigate the social media maze.
    Setting up Snapchat for brands should be simple, right? I mean, it’s a social network that’s incredibly popular among 13 to 23 year olds, so how hard can it be? Well, even for a group of tech-savvy Snapchatters in the Thinktank Social office, the path to discovering the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ was very confusing.
    The personal stuff, we’ve nailed. In fact, we’ve been snapping each other and LOLing for ages. But when we explored the way brands set up public Snachat profiles to connect with their customers, loads of questions popped up.
    Does a brand need a designated company mobile phone for Snapchat? Will the account be public or private? How do users search for a brand? How can I search for other brands? How can people add my brand? Can I send Snaps to people who aren’t in my phone book? Does my account have to be set to public in order for me Snap others? Why can’t I search people by their full names? Can multiple admins access the same Snapchat account?
    So we grabbed our mobile phones and we tested. Everything. After an hour-long Snapchat brand set-up session in the Thinktank Social office, we filled in (most of) the gaps and now we’re going to share the 101 with you. The marketing potential of Snapchat is massive. The nature of the social network’s limited Snap-time encourages brands to be super creative and innovative (we’ll post a blog about that soon) but before we get to the fun stuff, first we’ll cover off the basics.
    And if you’re confused along the way – DON’T WORRY. We were too.
    How to set up a Snapchat brand account:
    1) Download the app.
    2) Sign up using your email address and birthday.
    3) Choose a username.
    4) Enter your mobile number if you want to access your phone contacts to add users you know.
    5) Otherwise, search for Snapchat users via their usernames and add them.
    6) Go on, Snap away!
    Set your ‘sharing’ to public.
    snaps on public
    Important points:
    – Make sure your brand profile is public. When you’re in the ‘photo view’, click on the cog in the top right-hand corner. This will open settings. Open the ‘who can send me snaps’ option and change it to ‘everyone’ (above).
    – You have to add someone as a contact before you can send them a Snap. If your account is on private, and the person sending you a Snap is not a contact, they’ll have to get permission before they can send a Snap, which adds an extra step in the process.
    – The only way to search for people on Snapchat is via their username.
    – Multiple people can log into a single account with the same username and password, from different devices. So a brand account can, in theory, be managed by multiple admins.
    – Don’t forget your password (we all do it).
    And some other Snapchat essentials:
    – Snapchat has five million daily active users.
    – 200 million photos are sent every day on Snapchat.
    – Snapchat allows users to send pics or videos that last for 10 seconds or less.
    – Earlier this month Snapchat Stories was launched, which connects Snaps together to create a narrative that lives for 24 hours before it disappears.
    – When the Snaps disappear they’re deleted forever (kinda).
    – Snapchat was developed by two Stanford University students, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, and was first released in September 2011.
    Try to avoid forgetting your password!
    snap dont forget

    ** This information came from a Snapchat trial set-up session and is not a definitive guide. Yep, we still have plenty more to learn… Is there anything you’ve discovered about Snapchat that we should add to this 101 piece?