The New And Improved Facebook Groups

    Sam Mutimer

    Wait…. Facebook Groups? Doesn’t that already exist? Haven’t I read dozens of blogs about it? Well yes, but the NEW Groups has been so much improved you have even more reason to hardly ever leave the site!
    Are you getting the feeling that Facebook is striving for world domination and we are all headed toward developing a social media addiction? As a site that is constantly developing the crew at Facebook are doing a great job at giving us everything our social heart is craving for! Its amazing that (and for a whole other host of people) the first and the last thing I do every day is check my dearest FB and social status.
    Because why send e-mails when you can send messages, store files and start discussions about a certain subject straight away on one channel? Why go to another website when you can meet your former classmates or your colleagues right there, privately, on Facebook?
    Only a couple of days a go it was hard to tell the difference between a group and a page. The greatest feature of the groups was that as an admin you were able to message every member of the group directly. For most of us though a group and a page were things we had “ liked” once and never looked back at.
    The new Facebook Groups will change that – It turns using groups into actual teamwork and a more personal and direct interaction.
    Group chat
    No more long and confusing chains of e-mail being sent back and forth. On FB Groups you can conduct and be a part of a group chat in an actual chat room to connect the groups followers.
    When you share interest in a subject, you are going to want to share information about it. The Docs function is nothing like Google docs and it will give you the chance to upload documents to the group page that can be edited by all members.
    Members receive messages about every update on the group page. This way there can be true interaction in the group. These notifications can be turned off should the user choose.
    You can choose from 3 levels of privacy for a group and let others see only what you will let them:
    1. The group members and their content are public
    2. Content is private but members are public
    3. Group members and their content is private.
    Personal privacy:
    Don’t want everybody in the group who isn’t your friend to see your profile info? Good news! Your personal privacy settings will remain the same, group members who are not your friends will only be able to see what you want them to.
    So what is the purpose of this for me as a business owner you may think? As a marketing tool alone the new Groups is a lot harder to handle. A person can only be added to a group by a friend and if a user wants to stop being a member this is irreversible. FB Groups does have a couple of great things to offer you though. Make sure you have a page to interact with consumers and to attract them to you, a group could then help you exchange some more inside information with your current clients about their case. You could even use this as a great tool to handle the internal information in your organization, for instance about certain projects.
    Don’t forget social media is all about creativity and what you make of it! You could turn the personal character of these groups into an advantage and start a group around your product as if it were an exclusive club that one could only enter with the help of a friend. Secrets and exclusivity have a way of making our human hearts beat a lot faster!
    Whatever you use these groups for, use it well. Be as social as you can be and show the world who you are!
    Have another great idea of what to do with Facebook Groups? Let us know! 🙂