“The future of events and the involvement of Social Media – Spring Racing Case Study

    Sam Mutimer

    Book 2: The Thinktank Media kids take on Flemington in style, Social Media real time experience and updates @ Melbourne Cup Day”

    Who had fun at the Melbourne Cup? Despite the rain (which seems to be a trending thang at the mo’ and yes my hair got wet and looked like a stuck my finger in a power socket) the crew from Thinktank Media had a ball at the track on November 2nd.
    The day kicked off at Veludo’s in St Kilda where we enjoyed a champagne breakfast and the awesome crew there made for a great and exciting start to the day. Our Director of Social Media (and “head of innovation”) Sam Mutimer texted me to tell me her cab hadn’t come. A cab she had booked using a app for a certain cab company and the said certain cab didn’t arrive and she may have expressed herself on a certain social networking website called Twitter (have you heard of it?) slamming the company for her tardiness – YET @13cabs responded within 24 hours expressing “make sure you use the feedback option on the app to let us know which driver we need to re-educate” Interesting come back – yet was welcomed with a little bit of respect that the company is using Twitter to handle customer service.
    The metro trains app and the arrival of the actual trains didn’t correlate either. So this leads me to conclude that no matter how awesome the app is, it’s the service that is the factor. And the truth is the service in both of these situations isn’t up to scratch – however to be positive then we need to maintain that there is room for improvement. But I sure as hell am not going to launch into the shottyness of our public transport system. Not today anyway.
    Yellowglen on the other hand pulled off a massive feat as the major sponsor with their outdoor offline campaigns where numerous outdoor media owners collaborated to join sites in the lead up to the Cup. Flinders Street Station was a shrine to the brand and the iconic Melbourne site was an overwhelming maze of purple and bubbles.
    See what Yellowglen did at Flinders Street Station here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT-lLI7Svh0
    Yellowglen launched a huge Facebook campaign where they integrated their offline activities to bring the audience back online. Feature of Melbourne Cup day was their Yellowglen Photo Booth where guests could have their snap taken and then digitally placed on a magazine style backdrop. Guests then needed to visit and “Like” the Yellowglen Facebook page, find their snap and tag away! Simple yet very effective!!
    See for yourself here: http://www.facebook.com/yellowglen
    The Yellowglen phone app ran for the 2nd time this year and using your friend’s list from Facebook (you need to provide your log in deets when you open the app) it uses geo-location technology (Google Maps) to find your position and locate your friends who are using the app as well. Smart – and I think this will become a staple sponsor activity in the coming years. I would LOVE this app at Big Day Out!! Or imagine at the Grand Prix when you can hear your phone at all. Crispy technology indeed!
    Stay tuned for the next installment where I will report on the measurement of the keywords surrounding Spring Racing Carnival and the key sponsor Yellowglen!
    Have the most fantabulous Friday everyone!