The future of events and the involvement of Social Media – Spring Racing Case Study Trilogy

    Sam Mutimer

    Book 1: The pre-race day strategy, useful apps and the intricacies of the female mind in relation to aesthetics.

    So here’s the gist, I am going to the Melbourne Cup next Tuesday with the quirky tech savvy brilliant crew that is Thinktank Media. Now this isn’t my first time to the horsies, this racing season I have spent numerous hours down at the rival track, Caulfield honing my event management skills. So this will be my first race day in a few years where I can soak it up as a guest WHOOP!
    This is a wicked opportunity to really witness the social media fitness that surrounds this iconic event. Who is doing what? Where? And how well? I have decided to write a 3 part blog article documenting the event process from a guests (who is active in Social Media) perspective. Before the event, during the event and after the event. This post is in relation to before the event. I will then document and collect content from the day and write up a post to share with you all as ‘during the event’. The ‘after the event’ post will be an analysis of how the Melbourne Cup was leveraged online and how. Excited or Excited!
    Now fellas, these first paragraphs of sparkling prose may not apply to you or they may if you are a modern sensitive new age male who has a passion for fashion. There lying in the inner workings of the female mind we have a need to create important structure to best prepare thyself for the style feast of fashionistas that will be heading to the races!
    Prior to the event
    Important topic: Aesthetics
    Dress, Head Piece, Heels or no Heels, What’s going to be trending, Legs (wax? Fake tan?) Hair (appointment or home job) Make Up (see hair brackets) Handbag ( whats going in, what’s not they are so pesky and small these days) what are my girlfriends wearing ( as to not wear similar style or god forbid the same outfit) etcetera etcetera etcetera.
    Now, how can Social Media help me here? Lots of ways you see. Companies such as Sportsgirl are way involved in creating a one stop style reference guide on their website and social channels – and are doing it WELL.
    Sportsgirl.com.au have an interactive blog which is dedicated to what is new, cool and stylish. The savvy crew there have updated it with a plethora of race wear ideas and styles to try – see the following link:
    What’s also killer idea is the VIRTUAL STYLE STUDIO tab on the Sportsgirl website which uses you as the model and styles you stunning!

    AND last but not least is their drop dead cool iphone app as it’s described:
    “Get your Sportsgirl fashion fix anywhere and everywhere!
    Log onto sportsgirl.com.au on your mobile, and you’ll be able to shop the latest arrivals, read fashion news and blogs and check out all the pretties on Lookbook. It’s like a Sportsgirl store in the palm of your hand.”

    Sportgirl have it covered, what a clever way to interact with their target market, who are ALL online and love playing in the social media space. Clever? Yes. Cutting Edge? Sure. Innovative? Definitely.
    If you are looking at a different end of the market there are style advocates such as www.stylehunter.com It’s a seamless website and e-mag dedicated to the latest fashion, designers and events – as a reference and trend forecasting tool for the dedicated style addict.
    Now I could go on about outfits, pretty fascinators and whether clog heels are hot or not however there are other website’s that are not anything to do with aesthetics.
    These following few are going to aid you as greatly as a pair of flat shoes hidden in a plastic bag in the esky ( I just came up with that then, not a bad little thought hey! Innovative yes?).
    Important Topic: Apps to plan your day at the fillies.
    Look at these before you leave!
    1.    http://www.bom.gov.au/ – The Bureau of Meteorology our friendly web-version of Livinia Nixon on your lappy. Download a mobile version – the iphone app equivalent! Nice
    2.    http://www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au/application/iphone/
    Get to the track on time! Yay! (Unless hell freezes over and there are several fat ladies singing at a blue moon, maybe allow 15mins leeway..)
    3.    Yellow Glen have created a fun and useful app to locate your MIA mates on race day, find your way to bathroom facilities and betting areas so you can hopefully win some cashy splash! You and your crew should download this nifty lil app before you get to the track. Maybe useful to keep an eye on that loose friend who always loses a shoe and passes out in the bushes.

    4.    For you punters who love a flutter then get your paws on this to better facilitate your flutterage on the ponies – the BetFair iPhone app.
    5.    http://www.yellowcabs.com.au/?ca=website.iphone_app
    Lastly download this little guy before you leave the house to ensure that when you have gone to your races after drink up then you get home safe and sound in a cab (maybe with your friend who is missing a shoe but who hasn’t gone home with one shoe on before right? Right??)
    OK! You are now prepared for race day. I have given you the tools to enable your experience at the races to be fulfilling and jovial.
    I will personally be trying out each app I have listed above on Melbourne Cup Day with my fellow Thinktankers and will use this research to create my next chapter of this Trilogy aptly named:
    “The future of events and the involvement of Social Media – Spring Racing Case Study Trilogy”
    Book 2: The Thinktank Media kids take on Flemington in style, Social Media real time experience and updates @ Melbourne Cup Day”
    Any other badass apps you care to share for race day? Let me know!
    Stay tuned and put $10 on So You Think for the win! Giddy Up!