The changing face of Apple

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    It was Christmas in June today as Apple fans the world over got a new taste of Apple’s latest at WWDC 2013, Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco.
    iOS has been given a makeover which has taken some of the better features from Android and Windows Phone mixed together to create a much more interactive interface in only a way that Apple could. Theres was much being gambled on this iOS release with a new designer coming on board (Johnny Ive) Apple really needed something to show the industry that it was still on its game.
    Then there’s the hardware with the new Mac Pro looking like something straight out of Star Wars the specs of this little unit would make even the Imperial Army (Star Wars reference) stop in its tracks (7 teraflops of compute power, 7000 gigabytes).
    But thats not all Apple had in its hat today, coming soon to a car near you iOS in the car that is aimed at using a siri style user interface to make sure you dont text and drive (or do anything else with your phone).
    All in all i think this is a sign of things to come for Apple as they start to recognise the need to be more reactive with the changing larger industry.