Tactics To Integrate Into Your Facebook Engagement Strategy

    Sam Mutimer

    If you’re going to be utilising the Facebook business page, here are a few tactics you may want to consider.
    It’s always healthy to have a high level of interaction and engagement on any Facebook page. Interaction and engagement leads to an increase in fans and a stronger connection with the brand, along with so much more. You know how easy it is. I comment on your page, and it shows up in my news feed…my friends (average fb user has 130 friends) have the opportunity to see this and either like the page I was commenting on and/or join in the conversation too. Brand awareness and fan development at it’s best.
    I’ve recently started to power up my fitness involvement to a whole new level. I’ve hired a kick ass personal trainer to help me with cutting out the bad stuff for a while. I’m reading more on nutrition, healthy eating (hello healthy eating blogs) and forums AND…ekkk I’ve been watching the Biggest Loser. So where am I going with this?? Here comes the boom!
    Immediacy and relevance are two requirements any page needs to run with if they are looking to engage their fans and potentially grow their fan base in quick bursts.
    An example I know well is Fit n Fast Gyms* . Last night the Biggest Loser was pulsating out of many TV screens. With a huge viewer base, we were guessing in the ad breaks people may be trawling facebook on their phones and laptops. A perfect opportunity to engage the gyms users on a relevant subject. The Commando is a well respected player in the TV show and has a body (and face 😉 ) to die for, so he’s relevant to many of the Fit n Fast fanbase AND the perfect opportunity for Fit n Fast to pose an open question on their page..the timing couldn’t have been any better. On the first ad break a picture of the hunk was uploaded to the page with a question “Some of the girls at fit n fast HQ love this guy! Who else is backing them here??? ;-)”. In a matter of seconds, there were comments flooding in. (Please note their facebook numbers are not the highest, however engagement is high..and that’s key). Fit n Fast had the opportunity to respond realtime to keep the conversation moving.

    It is also interesting to note that one of the members of the gym feed back with a frustration about the fnf service in this feed.This gave other members of the gym an opportunity to explain their thoughts along with Fit n Fast responding also. Have squiz if you get a sec.
    The results of that specific status update – 28 likes and 27 comments later. An increase in 12 fans, 1 expression of frustration, 2 comments aiding to resolving that frustration from members and a communication channel for Fit n Fast to get back to this member in a timely fashion.
    In a nutshell…if you want to provoke engagement on your facebook page, then simply follow these qualities. Be timely with your message, be relevant to your communities needs/interests and be speedy with your response, whilst encouraging conversation.
    That’s my 2 cents. What else can be integrated to enhance engagement? Any other thoughts or ideas?