Tactics For Your Engagement Strategy

    Sam Mutimer

    Developing an engagement strategy for your brand can be a little tricky at times, especially if you’ve not approached this thoroughly. However, here are a few tactics to get you started.

    Provoke responses in a fun and meaningful way

    A strong characteristic within the human trait system is competitiveness. This is one of the reasons why the online gaming industry is at an all time high and Farmville is smashing it with over 40 million users; and its creators (Zynga) are estimated to be worth a whopping $20 billion!
    Adding a competitive element to your engagement strategy is a simple and easy way to increase likes, followers and increase interaction.
    Two of our clients, Fit n Fast Gyms and Wayne Schwass, are running similar competitions – caption contests.

    People add their thoughts to the caption for the opportunity to win weekly/grand prizes. The great spin off to this is the fact that there are secret keywords that are worth points. The more times you comment, the higher the chances of you being awarded points from the words you use. What this means for the brand is that it encourages people to come back for more a) because its fun b) there’s an opportunity to win!
    Caption contests are also a great way for a branding opportunity. Fit n Fast have cross-promoted with Skins and Wayne Schwass with Dragon. Win win!

    Add true value

    Adding true value is the aspect that makes the key difference. From saying a simple thank you when someone has positively mentioned your brand to going to the next level by answering questions and pointing them in the right direction. These simple tactics are gold nuggets when planning to engage via social media.
    Customer service is engagement 101, and Best Buy have specifically focused on this area to socially engage customers and utlise social media as a service tool….it’s a HUGE value add!
    Twelpforce is a Twitter based customer service platform. What this means is that anyone can tweet a question e.g. what’s the difference between a plasma and an LCD TV? From here the tweet is picked up and answered by one of the hundreds of staff in the team.
    It’s not just about engaging customers but also about engaging staff. This is one of the better case studies we’ve seen in regards to social media and retail.

    Engagement is the key to making meaningful relationships for your brand. Content is extremely important however if you’ve not planned an engagement strategy already, then now’s the time to start!