Story Bumping and Last Actors

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    Hey, guess what? Facebook is making another change. Surprised? Me neither, so I’m going to finish eating this chocolate cake for an office challenge…

    cake ascii
    Believe it or not, I was actually eating that chocolate cake in celebration of the new changes Facebook has made to our News Feeds. In the past, we saw statuses, photos, and funny cat clips (Facebook calls all of these “stories”) based on when we last visited Facebook. You log in, all the stories created since your last visit are scored based on algorithms (math), and Facebook sorts the stories based on the resulting scores.

    Your newsfeed was clumped into groups of stories created between your visits.

    Today’s big announcement (aside from the fact that I ate an entire chocolate cake) is that Facebook now takes into account the stories you’ve never seen, even if they were created before your last visit. This means if you missed a story, and Facebook algorithms (more math) find that story aligned with your interests, it will be shown to you. Basically, you’ll never miss another cat video so long as Facebook has a say in the matter. If that’s what you’re into.
    And if Facebook math agrees that’s what you’re into.
    This is called “Story Bumping,” but it’s the “Last Actor” tweak that will probably have people talking about “confidentiality” and saying “Facebook invades my privacy, but I’m going to go ahead and like this half-naked photo in a public space where everyone can see that I’ve liked it.” Maybe I’m wrong here. Maybe you’re the one posting the half-naked photos. Regardless, this tweak is about whatever 50 most recent actions you’ve taken (i.e. liking half-naked photos) so as to show you more stories that would be considered similar. It’s a bit creepy, but hopefully more cat videos will be right at the top of my newsfeed every time I log into Facebook.
    Will these tweaks change the way you interact with content on Facebook?