Sam Mutimer

    Founder and Director of Social Media

    Hailing from Essex in the United Kingdom and with enough daily energy to make the Energizer bunny look downtrodden, the esteemed founder of Thinktank Social is one part Businesswoman, one part Mother but all parts vivacious!

    Some say Sam started a social media agency so she could legitimately take daily selfies in the name of ‘business research’, whilst others say she was driven by her daily requirement for multiple high-fives and hired a team that had zero choice in the matter as it was written into their job descriptions.

    Passionate, positive and perhaps a little impulsive, Sam orders her coffee long black… and No, despite what you think, it doesn’t have 4x shots.

    That’s just our Sam!


    Tony Robbins wrote his first book after meeting Sam… really… ūüėČ

    Personal Hashtags

    #winning #myboys #fitness #mindset #enthusiasm #onelife #selfie #selfieaddict #selfiequeen #lovemelbourne