Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication)

    Self-described as a man of pleasure and a creature of leisure, we here at Thinktank Social count ourselves fortunate that creative and strategic thinking are some of Liam’s great pleasures, even in his leisure time.

    Coming to us from a long and winding career path that enjoyed pit stops in the community engagement, publishing, and education sectors, Liam has a great deal of experience in diverse and dynamic roles that saw him operating regularly across an array of unique projects. Having also just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications, Liam brings a broad array of skills to the TTS team and to our partners fortunate enough to make his acquaintance.

    Knowing and working with him, you wouldn’t be hard pressed to believe he studied communications just to round up his skills at parties. Admitting to having taken a drama course once purely to “be a bit jazzier when I tell stories” Liam strikes one as suffering from some undiagnosed Gatsby complex, swanning into work almost exclusively in floral attire and rarely pictured without a cocktail in hand.

    His graceful attire combined with a uniquely coarse, yet eloquent style of speaking gives Liam a certain bashfully elegant aura, a certain magnetism that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with, even when he won’t stop recounting ‘jazzy’ stories at the office…


    1. Holds the record for use of the word ‘sensational’
    2. Suffers a surprising fear of hostile winds.
    3. Will exclaim “Destiny Beckons” before exiting most interactions.
    4. Insisted in crafting his own bio 😉