Spotify's New Ad Studio Platform

    Caroline Edmunds

    Did you know you can now create your own ads on Spotify? Following introductions in the US, UK and Canadian markets, Spotify launched its self-serve Ad Studio platform in Australia last month.

    So why should you run audio ads on Spotify?


    Like other social media platforms, ads on Spotify allow for very specific audience targeting options. Targeting includes age, gender, location, activity and even music taste. Especially when it comes to reaching younger demographics which see a decline in radio listening, businesses need to follow their relevant audiences to where they are spending their time.


    Audio reaches people where visual media can’t. In an already oversaturated advertising world, Spotify ads offer a different way to reach audiences. With 101 million ad supported listeners and an average of 2+ hours of streaming per day, your ads will have the potential to reach your desired audience everywhere from the car to the shower.

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