Facebook Social Support engagement at the next level

    Thinktank Social

    Social Support creates an exciting new way to engage your community via an interactive chat interface like no other, taking live chat support to a whole new level built on Facebook!
    With ordinary live chat applications, you end up speaking to a random consultant who is as faceless as they are nameless, and its near impossible to build rapport because it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get the same consultant again.
    Having dealt with many traditional live chats (especially with technical support) it’s always a feature I would have liked because it would help the consultant on the other end understand my level of technical understanding when troubleshooting a problem.

    Social Support however takes all this and more in mind!

    For a user, it allows you to choose a consultant (or one at random) and even if the consultant you want is unavailable you can send them an email direct from the application.

    Once inside a chat, a user is able to rate the consultant (as many times as you want during the chat) and have a transcript of the chat emailed to you once the chat is finished.

    And of course what would a chat application be without emoticons ? The emoticons can be customised by the admin user as needed and have multiple uses (including a swear filter ).
    The consultant also has the ability to send the user additional help material (such as embedded YouTube videos, images or text/HTML) that open in a lightbox over the chat.

    The reference material can be configured as needed by the admin user and appears as clickable icons to the consultant.

    The consultant even has the ability to change the greeting they have when the chat begins which replaces [name] with the users name. The consultant gets visibility into the workings of the application (in real time), including how many people are online, how many consultants are currently in chat and a streaming list of activity from the other consultants (IE Steve left a chat with *user*).
    And to keep things simple, the same application interface is used by consultants and users, consultant users are identified via their Facebook user id which are setup by the admin user.

    Reports, Reports, Reports

    What good would an application like this be without reporting? Because Social Support is built on our Social Media Fusion platform we capture as much as we can about the user and the ways that they interact with our system. From clicks, to browser type, we capture as much as we can, so brands can better understand their users and the best way to engage them (keeping in mind user privacy of course).
    Via the Fusion data warehouse we can tell everything from sentiment, to time spent on app, if the users “like” the page and even demographic age group, being able to collect granular data then aggregating so that the data is in a digestible format.

    Hit us up

    We have a number of different options and variations on this app available from drag and drop file sharing to consultant departments (for brands that may have multiple levels of support). Remember that this is built on Facebook so it provides another way for your users to engage you one on one.
    We even have the option to build in a payment system which can be used for a brand to create customised carts for a user. The user can then check out while in the chat; extremely useful for any brand that has customised products or packages that could be put together via the chat session, or to provide customer service leading to a sale.
    The application is available now and we would love to have a chat with you to demonstrate what it can do and to answer any questions you have, just click the icon below.