Social Scopes June 2013

    Thinktank Social

    Thinktank Social brings you the latest social horoscope updates (that we like to call Social Scopes*) to help you manage your life on social platforms.

    *Please note that this presentation has been prepared purely to brighten your day and does not necessarily accurately depict inter-galactical shifts.


    For a few months now, you’ve felt that things are accelerating in your professional life. Perhaps it’s time you updated your LinkedIn profile to reflect these achievements. You may be surprised by which connections will help guide you closer toward your professional goals.


    Indecision is fine for a while, but sooner or later you have to make a commitment. Avoid procrastination. You may not trust someone whose beliefs are masking devious behavior and demanding Facebook ads. Trust your instincts and they will lead you to find what you’ve been seeking.


    You need to look carefully at yourself to see why you’re feeling down and stop blaming others for the experiences you are going through right now. Try taking your partner somewhere different, your Instagram followers will also enjoy the change of scenery and the refreshing change can revitalize your relationship and bring you joy.


    Theory is always easier to deal with. Your test this month is to make your Pinterest ideas a reality.  The feeling of achievement after completing a project that you’ve been delaying, will revitalize your energy levels and inspire others.


    You might be ready to cut loose and give full rein to your need for creative and social expression. The charm of your personality steps up, making it easier to enlist cooperation and support through likes and re-tweets. Take advantage of this energy now. You might even want to help this trend along by changing your profile picture or enhancing your look across all social platforms.


    Renegotiate the terms of your romantic alliances, especially if you’re not happy with what you’re getting. Yes, even relationships are negotiable. You may have to deal with someone’s excessive expression of love and attention via oversharing in Facebook check-ins or posting  up too many photos, which is not welcome. This could be a socially awkward moment for you, and it will test your social skills.


    Although you’ll enjoy someone’s company, there is a subtle annoyance attached to the relationship after reading their tweets. You’ll need to grin and bear it. Some news will also bring you into the public eye or make you join with new people to coordinate your efforts towards a single goal.


    To fulfill your goals, big adjustments may need to be made. Are you up to making changes of this magnitude? It may be a decision between Vine, Vimeo or YouTube to present that important idea at work. Consider each carefully and remember what kind of audience your message needs to be conveyed to.


    You may have continued in some friendship that now needs to end. It’s time to unfriend that person on Facebook and never look back!  They have taken advantage of your patience and it’s time to set the record straight. Finding a mentor or life coach this month could be a positive game changer.


    You need to try new things and see how many re-pins you get on Pinterest to motivate you to improve your game. If something stirs your passions, it’s going to be difficult to turn them off. It’s an all or nothing sort of month. Be careful, however, as you may invite equal or greater passion that you may not be able to handle, as you may have trouble finding time for balance.


    You may be missing an old activity. Take the time to revisit your check-ins at places, activities or experiences that make you happy. You will not be able to deal with false pretences or superficial individuals this month; so make use of the ‘hide’ function on Facebook to avoid those annoying status updates.


    Keeping others at arm’s length is wise, especially if you feel you are being used. On Facebook, you should consider reviewing your privacy settings so you only give away the right information.  You’re quick off the mark with your speech, but you may provoke someone. Choosing wiser words is essential, and Twitter is the perfect avenue to express yourself succinctly in 140 characters or less.