Social Scopes July 2013

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    July is all about the home for Aries. It is time to optimize your space by de-cluttering and deciding what needs to stay and what just has to go. The HomeRoutines iPad app might come in handy to help you stay on top of household chores with custom routine checklists and alerts.
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    Congrats, Taurus: looks like you’re going to be pretty lucky this month! Chances are you’ll happen to be at the right place at the right time on a few accounts. Updating your Foursquare and checking in on Facebook may be the causes of these fortunate events – and a great way of keeping track of them!
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    This month is all about working on your relationships. Getting to know more people and improving your current relationships will definitely work in your advantage. So go ahead retweet one of your old co-workers on Twitter or Facebook message a high school mate, Gemini. Expand your social horizons!
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    If you’ve had a problem that’s been itching you for a while, Cancer, it’s time to finally solve it! You can move on from the past and begin looking forward. Start off fresh my rewriting your social biographies and reorganizing your Pinterest boards.
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    You may be feeling a little confused this month, Leo. You’re overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas that may not be relevant to you now, but definitely could be in the future! Download the Evernote app to use for those moments of creativity! You’ll be sure to thank yourself later.
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    This month, you’ll find yourself yearning for more than your daily routine. However, there’s so much you can still do at home. It looks like a “stay-cation” is in order for you, Virgo! Check out the Yelp app for some interesting places near you that you haven’t been to yet.
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    July is calling you to be a little more daring, Libra! By accepting more challenges and pushing out of your comfort zone, things will start looking up for you professionally. It looks like your LinkedIn profile could use some updates after your leaps of faith!
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    Pack your bags, Scorpio! It’s time for you to explore! Even if it’s just for a weekend, a getaway is in order for you. Book your flight and keep track of your itineraries on the Expedia app. And don’t forget to upload pictures of your trip on Instagram!
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    Sagittarius, things may be looking a little drab for you. You need something to look forward to; the same way you look forward to Fridays during your work week. Schedule a dinner, concert, or reunion with your close friends soon! The app Big Day allows you to countdown until this special occasion and share it.
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    Communicating online may be something you need to work on, Capricorn. Facebook Messenger’s new features such as liking a person’s message and sending a sticker doesn’t replace words. The same goes for favouring a tweet on Twitter. Time to really engage in your online conversations!
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    There’s someone out there that you’ve been meaning to reconnect with, and July is the time to do it! They definitely miss you as much as you miss them, Aquarius. Definitely take some time out of your week to call them on Skype; it’ll be a lovely reunion you could both use right now!
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    July is a creative month for you, Pisces! Your natural talent is waiting to be used. You’re thinking of witty Twitter content, interesting Instagram photos, and hilarious Vine posts. This is a great time for you to be self-expressive, and by all means, go for it!
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