Social Media Stats In Australia 2013 – March

    Sam Mutimer

    Wham…where did those last 3 months go? And what a fast paced start to the year it’s been. With visual marketing now being a focus point for 2013, and platforms like Instagram skyrocketing (especially with those image focused teens), the stats below will only see visual social sites increase. Facebook’s new timeline is a great example of a social site being reactional to these changes along with adding a filter to a picture prior to upload on mobile.
    We’ve just focused below on the most common platforms used with our clients. For the full run down you can visit Social Media News
    1. Facebook – 11,489,600 Australian users/accounts
    2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs
    3. LinkedIn – 2,757,000
    4. Tumblr – 2,600,000
    5. Twitter – 2,167,849 Active Australian Users
    6. Instagram – 1,083,924 Active Australian Users
    7. Pinterest – 640,000
    8. Google Plus – approx 340,000 – David Cowlings estimation
    A few trends we are seeing at Thinktank Social :
    Instagram teen usage is increasing with many teens we’ve spoken with, choosing this platform over Facebook. Tumblr is also another platform where teens are choosing to spend their time (in our experience).
    Google Plus is being heavily used for SEO and gaining traction, however not really used actively for any other reason apart from this. Vine is being utlised by many early adopters for glimpses/insights into products/services/brand shown in an extremely creative way. With the changes most recently implemented (around embedment code into websites) and further changes in the works for the andriod app, we believe we will look to see more Vine usage over the next 3 months.
    Was this helpful? Any trends you’re noticing that you’d love to share with all of us? Don’t be shy 🙂
    It’s to be noted we always grab the latest stats from David Cowling- Social Media News. You can head over to David’s site for further info.