Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2012

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    Summer is here and the heat is on….we are now scrambling to finish off our current projects and looking forward to the festive season we know as Christmas, a time for relaxing, holidaying but most importantly engaging with our fellow Social media users around the world.  This is a very busy time for Social Media as each platform is used for many different forms of engaging.
    Below is the Social Media Statistics for Australia – November 2012 courtesy of David Cowling from SocialMediaNews
    Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2012

    1. Facebook – 11,755,640 Australian users/accounts (up 255,640).
    2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
    3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 (down 200,000)
    4. Tumblr – 3,100,000 (up 200,000)
    5. WordPress.com – 3,000,000 (up 100,000)
    6. LinkedIn – 2,500,000 (up 100,000)
    7. Twitter – 2,114,000 Active Australian Users
    8. Instagram – 1,175,000 Active Australian Users  (see calculation below).
    9. Flickr – 780,000 (down 20,000)
    10. Pinterest – 630,000 (down 20,000)
    11. MySpace – 350,000 (down 40,000)
    12. Google Plus – approx 377,500 

     (Please note new calculations for a couple of these Social Media News  for more info).
    It has been an interesting year with lots of development centered around Social Media Platforms and Social Media in general.
    Main points being, Facebook has been listed on the stock market – along with big mobile and desktop updates. The mobile update has now allowed users to share and tag their friends/pages which makes life easier for those on the go.
    The above results show a good increase in Facebook users, which is constantly growing, and with the added improvements will only grow even more going into December and the New Year.
    Our mainstream Social platforms seem to be remaining steady with the exception of Pinterest which has surprisingly decreased from its earlier growth spurt – in saying this, with the recent launch of Pinterest for brands I would say “Watch This Space” as it grows and large brands jump on board the Pinterest train.
    Twitter is also sitting steady in the Aussie market but with the news of Twitter developing a dedicated team based in Australia to grow our market I can only see good things happening in 2013. Be sure to follow @TwitterAU, I’m sure this will make our local tweeters happy as we look for new improved features and support to be developed by the Twitter AU team.
    WordPress.com and LinkedIn have had a slight increase which is great to see, more people are now seeing opportunity in starting/maintaining their own websites or blogs with the user friendly interfaced system. LinkedIn continues to grow in the recruitment industry and is still a great tool for networking and creating opportunity in business.
    Unfortunately Google+ is struggling down under but maintaining its steady stream along with MySpace (down 40,000) who is still hanging on by a thread as users drop off and jump ship to the more marketed Facebook.
    All in all Social Media is buzzing and we love being a part of this craziness.
    Is your brand investing more time in a specific platform or is it a level playing field?