Social Media Statistics Australia – May 2014

    Thinktank Social

    Well, it’s been a great run but it’s finally time to bundle up for winter.  This means more logged hours on social media (or at least we hope)! As the sun hides behind the clouds and the leaves float away, the numbers across social networks continue to grow! Taking a look at the month of May, it shows consistency from traditional social media along with the rising popularity of more innovative social media platforms.
    The creative juices must have been flowing for users this month as the numbers for blogs have continued to show growth!  WordPress and Tumbler both increased their numbers, but BlogSpot came in the lead with 100,000 additional users this month.
    LinkedIn also proved to make some movement this month with a whopping 150,000 new users!  Networking is becoming more and more important as people amass in the business world through LinkedIn!
    All right, enough is enough! Thanks to Social Media News, here are the results from the May Social Media Statistics for Australia:
    1. Facebook – 13,200,000 users (steady, according to Ad tool)
    2. YouTube – 12,750,000 UAVs
    3. WordPress.com – 6,200,000 (+50,000 from previous month)
    4. Tumblr – 4,850,000 (+50,000)
    5. LinkedIn – 3,650,000 (+150,000)
    6. Blogspot – 2,900,000 (+100,000)
    7. Twitter – 2,500,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
    8. Instagram – 1,600,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
    9. TripAdvisor – 1,400,000 (+50,000)
    10. Snapchat – 1,070,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation).
    11. Flickr – 760,000
    12. Pinterest – 390,000
    13. Yelp – 185,000
    14. MySpace – 175,000
    15. Reddit – 170,000
    16. Google Plus – approx 65,000 monthly active Australian users (my estimation *revised*)
    17. StumbleUpon – 55,000
    18. Foursquare – 33,000
    19. Digg – 22,000
    20. Delicious – 20,000
    Now that you have the inside scoop to where people are spending their time, set aside some of your time to really target these platforms! Get creative like your audience and make your messages stand out! Blogging sites have been growing in numbers for months now so if you aren’t involved in the blogging world change this ASAP. Don’t get left behind!
    Stay warm until the next update or just join TripAdvisor and fly away to a sunnier place this winter!  Either way, share it on social media.