Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2012

    Anthea Kuthan

    Goodbye June and ‘hello’ July! Which means, we can get stuck into some juicy stats from Social Media within Australia for June.
    Although likes are important we all know the most crucial figure is the level of engagement and number of active users. Without them where would we be!
    See below for a quick rundown of the categories to showcase the stats in order of importance:

    • Number of active Australian users going to that particular social network each month
    • Number of unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) going to that social network each month
    • User numbers reported by that particular social network or reputable source.

    Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2012*
    1. Facebook – 11,008,520 Australian users/accounts (up 40,400) – 13 million UAVs according to Google Adplanner. The difference between the user numbers and UAVs may be users logging in from multiple locations – home, work, school etc.
    2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
    3. Blogspot – 4,020,000 (down 10,000)
    4. LinkedIn – 2,100,000 (down 100,000)
    5. Twitter – 1,800,000 (steady)
    6. WordPress.com – 1,600,000 (steady)
    7. Tumblr – 1,200,000 (steady)
    8. Flickr – 900,000 (up 60,000)
    9. Pinterest – 620,000 (up 60,000)
    10. MySpace – 470,000 (up 50,000)
    11. Google Plus – 457,500 approx active users (up 126,164 – Estimated calculation below)
    12. Instagram – 414,000 (down 9,000)
    13. Reddit – 140,000 (steady)
    14. StumbleUpon – 120,000 (down 30,000)
    15. Digg – 83,000 (up 6,000)
    16. Foursquare- 64,000 (up 7,000)
    17. Delicious – 47,000 (up 11,000)
    An interesting figure from last month shows that Australians are Facebook fanatics, it was last reported that Facebook have 901 million monthly active users, with 11,008,520 being Australian users. This means the Australian Facebook user accounts for approx 1.22% of the global Facebook population. WOW!
    If you take a closer look at the figures you will see a steady incline on image/photo sharing base platforms such as Pinterest and Flickr. Although Instagram has seen a drop off, these stats are taken from measuring traffic to their website which is a prompt for sign up to the app. We are seeing the rise of mobile phone usage on social platforms therefore Instagram mobile app users will be reflected in this growth, unfortunately we can’t pinpoint the number of Australian mobile users but can imagine that this is something that will continue to rise in popularity.
    Make sure you head back this time next month for the exciting installment of July Social Media statistics.
    *Stats courtesy: Google DoubleClick Ad Planner tool, Facebook Self-Serve advertising tool and Checkfacebook.com. Figures correct as of 30/06/12 and a late thank you to http://www.socialmedianews.com.au/social-media-statistics/ compliments of David who has compiled these nicely from the above mentioned sources. We always head to his site to get the latest run down.