Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2012

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    August has hit with an icy ferocity. We’ve officially passed mid-year territory, and as such have been rewarded with another bleak and dreary month until the springtime officially sets in.
    So then, what is the winter-warmer of choice for us geeks over in social media land? Campbell’s soup be damned, it’s July’s Aussie social media statistics giving us that warm fuzzy feeling inside; courtesy of David Cowling from SocialMediaNews.
    Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2012
    1. Facebook – 11,008,520 Australian users/accounts (steady) – 13 million UAVs according to Google Adplanner (users logging in from multiple locations – home, work, school etc).
    2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
    3. Blogspot – 4,010,000 (down 10,000)
    4. LinkedIn – 2,200,000 (up 100,000)
    5. Twitter – 2,114,000
    6. WordPress.com – 1,600,000 (steady)
    7. Tumblr – 1,200,000 (steady)
    8. TripAdvisor – 1,060,000 (up 160,000)
    9. Flickr – 820,000 (down 80,000)
    10. Pinterest – 620,000 (steady)
    11. Google Plus – approx 600,000
    12. Instagram – 475,000 UAVs or 1.2 million using Facebook estimate
    13. MySpace – 390,000 (down 80,000)
    14. Reddit – 150,000 (up 10,000)
    15. StumbleUpon – 130,000 (up 10,000)
    16. Digg – 77,000 (down 6,000)
    17. Foursquare – 63,000 (down 1,000)
    18. Delicious – 33,000 (down 14,000)
    (Please note new calculations for a couple of these figures. http://www.socialmedianews.com.au/social-media-statistics-australia-july-2012/ for more info).
    The overall theme we’re seeing throughout the past couple of months is that each social media property is remaining steady in terms of usage, with perhaps slight fluctuations month to month. The titans retain their grip on the game, regardless of share prices and industry rumours.
    With 955 million active users worldwide, Australia’s mere 11 million Facebook users account for just 1.51% of that.
    Something we’ve noticed through our own observations is that photo based posts on Facebook are increasing engagement levels across the board. This could be due to the influence of photo sharing-specific platforms such  as Pinterest and Instagram, or it may be a natural reaction to the Facebook Timeline layout as more and more users adopt it (with the layout becoming mandatory in the coming month).
    Timeline is having other effects, too. Changes appearing to be brought along with the new layout is leading to users being notified of their friend’s interactions with brand pages. This of course is leading to higher visitations and likes to these brand pages.
    Also, MySpace is still a joke. And there are 63,000 Foursquare users that simply need to give up on the platform.