Social Media Statistics Australia – February 2014

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    February marks the last month of our summer and what an interesting social season it has been!
    From Facebook looking to snap up Snapchat and then bagging WhatsApp to murmurs of Instagram opening up it’s advertising platform this year in Australia..it’s still a green and growing space AND we love it!
    In mentioning all the action above, we then focus on Australia. This month’s social media statistics have remained fairly stagnant with the only obvious standout being LinkedIn and its strong 400,000 user increase. There’s many reasons why LinkedIn is powering up the list, they’re innovative, look to continually add value to users and since bringing out their latest “no character limit feature”, we’re starting to see many brands utilise this adding further context to their message.
    With a recent high profile transaction that could probably have solved world hunger, we wanted to take a look at an upcoming social media mover and shaker. The mobile messaging service, WhatsApp with its (global) 450 million users was purchased by Facebook last month for a whopping AUD$19 Billion. With an impressive daily user increase of 1 million members, Facebook has made a tactical move by acquiring the application that holds the attention of a similar demographic to the incredibly popular Snapchat. Keep your eye on WhatsApp as it starts to move up the popular social list.
    LinkedIn made some changes to their platform in an attempt to drive more users to make better use of their profiles and brand pages. With the ability to update longer blog posts (no longer being restricted by a word limit for updates), and the opening up of the Influencer program to all users, it is definitely worth watching how this will impact on Australian users over the coming months.
    Did anyone notice that Snapchat is quickly nipping at the heels of Instagram? Yes, we are excited to see what this platforms is capable of in 2014 and already have our first campaign planned for an innovative brand on our client list.
    So without any further ado, here are the February Social Media Statistics for Australia, as reported by Social Media News, we thank you!:

    1. Facebook – 13,000,000 users (according to Ad tool)
    2. YouTube – 12,500,000 UAVs (+100,000)
    3. WordPress.com – 6,350,000
    4. Tumblr – 4,800,000
    5. LinkedIn – 3,700,000
    6. Blogspot – 3,000,000
    7. Twitter – 2,500,000 Active Australian Users
    8. Instagram – 1,600,000 Active Australian Users
    9. TripAdvisor – 1,300,000
    10. Snapchat – 1,070,000 Active Australian Users
    11. Flickr – 800,000
    12. Pinterest – 420,000
    13. Yelp – 195,000
    14. MySpace – 185,000
    15. Reddit – 170,000
    16. Google Plus – approx 65,000 monthly active Australian users
    17. StumbleUpon – 60,000
    18. Foursquare – 35,000
    19. Digg – 27,000
    20. Delicious – 20,000

    While there hasn’t been too much movement in the major social media players in the past month, it’s evident that blogging sites are experiencing some steady growth recently. This doesn’t surprise us as more brands seem to be incorporating a company blog into the social media mix for 2014. Any stand outs for you? As always, we welcome your comments below.