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    Google has been the dominating force behind Search since the Mid 90’s but the Social Media boom has seen a change in how Googles search index is sourcing information for its massive search engine.
    But in recent years we have seen a Tete-a-tete between the growing Facebook powerhouse and the Google establishment as both sides move into building their own Social and Search arms. With Google gaining momentum with Google+ and Facebook’s recent launch of Graph Seach it seems both are trying to get in on the others game.
    The most recent exchange saw Facebook blocking Google from reading Public Facebook Events.
    What this means is if you create a public event to a conference Google will not be able to pick that up directly from Facebook unless you link the event from a post or page from a website already indexed by Google.
    So where does this leave Social Media sitting with SEO?
    Michael Jenkins from our SEO Partner Shout Web Strategy¬† said that “Social search is certainly changing the landscape of SEO. There was a seismic shift in Google’s algorithm in 2012 with releases of Google Panda and Google Penguin. Esentially what this did was eradicated low grade content.”
    Michael also said that Google is focusing on how authoritive a website is which is primarily based on authorship and social influence.
    “This is attributing the authorship of articles through to a Google + profile, by inserting an authorship code and and attributing this to the authors account.”
    “Google are wanting to significantly grow their Google + reach and are making it an algorithmic factor, making social search an essential element to an SEO campaign moving forward.”
    In the case of the above Facebook event, creating a post or page on an established website for the event will help establish authorship back to the website, so long as there is already a properly implimented digital and SEO strategy on the site.
    As the lines between Social and Search continue to grow closer and closer it will be interesting to see how both shape up over the days to come.