Social Media Fusion goes mobile

    Sam Mutimer

    Social Media Fusion, our cross platform campaign management system now has the ability to support Android and iPhone applications which means that we can deploy games and interactive experiences that work on Twitter, Facebook and on Mobile devices. This means that as an end user you can play a game on mobile but then continue to interact and play with the game on Facebook or on Twitter.
    The mobile direction is thanks in part to a framework called Corona which allows us to develop an application that can be deployed to iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (2.2) and with us only needing to develop once for both Android and iPhone (with talk of Windows Mobile 7 being supported soon) it speeds up development time, which means – we can build your custom apps for multiple platforms all at once.
    To prove how much quicker it is to develop, on Sunday our developers took part in the Corona Hackathon. A Hackathon is a Developer challenge of sorts where app developers have a set period of time to develop a app or game in a period of time usually with a theme. Sunday’s Hackathon didn’t have a theme but was open to developers’ imaginations as long as it was something created using the Corona framework.
    After an early start (1am Australian time) our developers had come up with a game based on the classic early ’90s “Dope-wars”. In “Dope-wars” you play a character that buys and sells narcotics in a game environment only the economy is localised to that game. In our version, the economy runs via Social Media Fusion, which allows players to affect the overall globalised game-economy.
    Not only that, but the game itself can be run on Twitter and Facebook to allow players to play the same game in all 3 mediums and can even allow us to offer extra content to entice usability on any of them.
    While we haven’t opened the game for public release yet, we will be releasing it in the coming weeks so stay tuned.
    We also managed some time to do a quick interview on the radio (Computer and Technology Radio) in America during the hackathon too, feel free to have a listen.
    Below is some mobile screenshots from our game “Transporter: Narcotics” from the Corona hackathon (‘scuse the drug reference, but you get the idea).