Social Media And The Tourism Industry In Australia

    Sam Mutimer

    I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak at the Tourism and Events Excellence Conference yesterday. The Conference promotes the continuous development of a profitable, sustainable, innovative and professional tourism and events industry. The program showcased Australia’s leadership in Tourism and Events, whilst also promoting best practice across a range of industry sectors.
    I spoke about the role social media plays within the tourism industry. It’s one of the many industries with huge opportunities and a few tourism sectors are embracing and executing social media very effectively.
    Here’s the presentation below:
    Exciting things to note:
    Augmented reality may not have fully been taken up on Australia shores but get ready!!! It’s coming!!
    See how the Eiffel Tower are utilising this to give their visitors a 360 degree tour of the tower; along with using “hired iPads” to hold up at the top to view how Paris looked 200 years ago! These virtual-real experiences are increasing becoming more common and only add to the increased chatter around the experiences had in certain locations.

    Also please note the importance of having a social media policy. I believe all compaines/organisations need one in 2011 moving forward.
    A fantastic example of a way to introduce your social media policy could be like this:
    Department of justice – Social Media Policy

    Tourism has a huge opportunity to embrace the social media landscape and we look forward to seeing more businesses use facebook places, checkins, group buying and QR Codes ( later on down the track when Australia is ready), plus so much more to leverage their traditional communication and marketing channels.
    Have you seen anyone in the tourism industry run and integrate a social media program effectively? We’d be keen to know!