Social Media And Recruitment

    Sam Mutimer

    Social media is now becoming an important channel for organisations to utilise in attracting, engaging and hiring some of the best candidates for a particular role.
    It’s now essential that recruiters have a solid and thorough social media strategy to ensure the time spent within social platforms are going to meet key recruitment objectives and goals.
    When we are looking for who we need in a job role, factors like education, skill set and experience are qualities that are essential and a CV gives us this. However a CV can’t show us personality, attitude, connections and values. From utilising social media, an organisation can gain an insight into a person and the person can gain an insight into the organisation. It enables us to understand the person further and their potential fit into our workplace culture.
    The standard job ad in the paper a few years ago was a reasonable option however in todays fast paced and online-centric environment it simply doesn’t cut it when you’re after innovative and talented individuals. What you’ll also find out is that these days, job seekers can be particularly picky and are keen to see more than just the PD. They’ll look for more, like eg. pictures inside the company, informative/exciting videos and a possible blog. Organisations going through recruitment processes need to widen their channels and be prepared to offer innovative/engaging ways to connect with their market.
    The Illawarra Dragons have successfully recruited their Digital Communications Co-ordinator and from what I hear, they are over the moon with the ease and effectiveness of their recruitment drive compared to past years.
    The Dragons were looking for their “Digital Dragon” and “Big Del” was the lead in gaining traction for this position. They also used a combination of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote the position.
    This is what was promoted on their website:

    Fish where the fish are! By integrating different channels and not going down traditional routes, the Dragons’ strategy ensured that they are appealing to the best in the business.
    Here were a few of the candidates who applied for the position!


    We will certainly being seeing many more organisations use this type of recruitment.
    Can you guess who got the job?