Social Media And Recruitment – Who Got The Job? #2

    Sam Mutimer

    From my last post, social media and recruitment, I showcased the Illawarra Dragons digital recruitment startegy for their Digital Communications Co-ordinator. The question I asked at the end of the post was, who do you think got the job?
    Well…it was actually this video by Simon Grant:
    I managed to track him down to ask him a few burning questions…
    1) How did you find out about the opportunity for this position?
    The Dragons were advertising for the role through their member eDMs as well as a few of their other digital channels.
    In my case, a friend forwarded me the email that was sent out to members and I applied from seeing that.
    2) Did you find the process easy to follow?
    The process was easy to follow. From reading the email the first time though, I knew I wanted to create something different that didn’t focus on ‘me’ and my ‘personality’ but more so, letting the video and the content/idea speak for itself. The brand I was creating the video for was strong enough in my opinion, all I had to do was create something that would compliment what already existed.
    3) What inspired you to run with the video you submitted?
    The idea. Again, I didn’t want the clip to be about me and what my personality could bring to the role, but more so how I could take the brand and create something that people that love the team could appreciate and want to share with their networks. The other indicator was that after the video was finished, the clip already looked like it could have been released by the Dragons as a TVC or web/social media content.
    4) What advice can you give to other people gunning for a job in the digital space?
    Believe in the brand your working for. The work you do with that brand will then translate through the work you do. I think that this is the most important thing in digital, especially social media – the conversation needs to feel and be real.
    Thanks a million for this Simon!
    So, what are your thoughts from this recruitment drive? Have you seen any other innovative and successful case studies?