Social Media Agency VS Internal Social Media Resource

    Thinktank Social

    You have a position to fill; managing your brand’s social media. You’re probably experiencing some internal dialogue around hiring a staff member or utilising the services of an agency to sort this out for you. While we don’t doubt the expertise of brand managers out there, we know we do some pretty good stuff. Here’s why we think so…

    Variety of resources within Thinktank Social

    When you cone on board with us, you gain access to a range of impressive people with varied professional and personal backgrounds. Strategists, Developers, Community Managers, Graphic Designers; client service contacts, entrepreneurial thinkers, writers, creatives, educators. We’re a one-stop-shop, providing innovative, leading solutions for social media.

    Our ability to provide solid advice

    With over 5 years experience in social, we’ve been playing this game a lot longer than most. We’re well-equipped to provide the best advice, from experience (we know what works, what doesn’t and we anticipate results from our history of experiences). With a broad array of interests and skills we have our finger on the pulse with emerging changes in social – so we can integrate these innovations into our advice ensuring you’re leading in your social activities.

    Our culture

    We LIVE in a social media culture, meaning it’s our specialty – and we can bring that specialty and its benefits to your business (as opposed to the other way around). We eat, sleep and drink social; it’s in our blood. We try to out-do eachother on new news and great work. We have the tech insights first. We can bring the best there is in social to your business, from a healthy distance (i.e. we’re not intrinsically embedded in the day-to-day of your business to a point that it would influence social behaviours to become ‘too company focussed’ and not enough about the customer).
    And a few more reasons…

    • During a crisis you’ve got a full team on hand to move through the process, not just one individual navigating through a huge, ongoing job.
    • Software licenses that you can access through TTS without having to pay yourself are a huge benefit.
    • We have quality third party connections, if you need a video (for example) we’ve already got the best connection in quality/price.
    • We have a proven track record, our clients come back – give us a go and you will too.
    • An individual might leave your company (to travel or move within the company) – we’re here to stay.
    • We have fresh eyes for your business.
    • We have the ability to educate your whole team if we need to.
    • If you’re after a campaign on social we can do it all in one place (one-stop-shop).
    • We’re professional, quick and are rich in a variety of resources, minds and skills.

    Is all of the above attainable with just one individual employee…?