Social Media Advisory Service Launched by Thinktank Social

    David Thomas


    Melbourne, Victoria – Thinktank Social is planning to be at the forefront of an increasingly evolving digital marketing landscape with the launch of its Social Media Advisory Service, a new offering that is specifically designed to suit an audience that understands social media and content marketing but requires the expertise to maximise its potential.

    The Social Media Advisory Service will be an enticing and logical offering to many organisations and personal brands, particularly given the influx of a new generation of workers who have grown up using social media platforms in everyday life.

    Thinktank Social will set itself apart from its peers in the industry by offering two distinct categories of services in Social Media Advisory Services and Production Services, on offer for those organisations who wish to outsource full-service social media management and campaigns.

    Company CEO, David Thomas, says it is a natural progression of the industry and expects competitors to also adopt a similar approach. “We began the evolution of our business model towards the Advisory Service some 12 months ago now.” Thomas says. “Social media marketing is no longer an unknown service or an offering that causes concern through a lack of understanding, it is simply a part of the marketing mix and key component of an overall business strategy.” He says. “It may well be cliché, but in business I believe you either evolve or die, so we chose to evolve and impart our knowledge of social media marketing onto others and educate our clients on how best to succeed themselves. I truly expect others to follow our lead or risk becoming irrelevant.” Thomas concludes.

    Launched in 2008, Thinktank Social was one of Australia’s first, dedicated, social media marketing agencies. Founded by Sam Mutimer, following a viral YouTube video advertising space on her broken leg, Thinktank Social has evolved into an industry-leader and social media strategy specialist, sought-after by organisations and personal brands all around the world.

    Contact Information:
    Thinktank Social Pty Ltd
    David Thomas
    Chief Executive Officer
    1300 040 815
    ABN 85 153 923 687