Social Gets Naughty

    Thinktank Social

    If photos on Instagram were actual polaroids, I’d have enough selfies in my news feed toting cleavage, legs, abs and arms to sink a small ship – People taking photos of themselves pushing the boundaries on prohibited content in order for the masses to judge, comment and like. And I can understand why people do it – For validation. For an ego-boost. For encouragement. It all feels good.
    With the rise of new technology (specifically the internet), sexual content is becoming less and less taboo, with the younger generation embracing the change – and on social there is no exception. But social is filtered and contains terms and conditions which prevents the life-span of NSFW content, right? Wrong.
    Specific pornographic social channels have been created, and are highly popular such as the totally uncensored ‘Pornstagram’ (creative name, huh? /sarcasm). Developed by a French web developer, Pornstagram is available on Android and allows users to post NSFW images in a space with no restrictions. Functionally, it’s almost the same as the version of Instagram it was modelled off.
    So what is Pornstagram’s catch if I can look up a pornstar anywhere else on the Internet instead? Well, pornstars aren’t the catch at all… Users are predominantly your average Instagram users who want to show their risky side.
    To sum up, I’m really not sure of what I think about NSFW social. One thing is for sure though; like all things on the Internet – you upload photos at your own risk. What’s to say that risky picture won’t come back from your past years later to haunt you? I think that very reason is enough to keep me away!
    If you’re unlike myself and are feeling adventurous, the app can be found with a simple Google search.
    Now, this is just my opinion on the matter of course, but what are your thoughts on NSFW social? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below.