Sixteen and Social

    Thinktank Social

    Teens always seem to be 10 steps ahead in the social game making it hard for us oldies to keep up, but don’t fear! Here at Thinktank Social we are keeping a close eye on the teenage love affair with social media and making sure we don’t miss anything!  We know they love their fare share of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, but are they remaining faithful to the same platforms?  Thanks to our most recent work experience student, Molly, we were able to get the inside scoop on what is catching teens attention these days.
    Hearing Molly speak of her time spent on We Heart It, Keek and 8Tracks, made everyone’s ears perk up, especially when Molly highlighted her weekly usage on each emerging social platform. To help you get the inside scoop on where the tweens and teens are really hanging out, here’s a breakdown on each platform.
    We Heart it
    Photos. Photos. Photos.  This is a platform to share, like, and follow photographs. Create a profile where you can collect photos onto different boards similar to Pinterest.  Its purposes are to inspire, collect, connect, and express. There is a phone app that is free to download making it easy access at all times.  Take a closer look at the setup here:
    This platform is very similar to Vine.  It consists of short videos to watch and share with friends via webcam, iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone.  Something different it offers is responding with ‘keekbacks’ or video comments on other people’s keeks.  You can also send private messages with friends or scan what they are doing over the stream newsfeed.  For more check out the Keek website
    Step aside Pandora! Look out Spotify! 8Tracks is coming through! This Internet radio gives more options instead of forcing a user to name a mood, genre, or artist.  Along with the endless list of choices, it also includes different categories of staff picks, featured, trending, newest, indie rock, hip hop, country, electronic, and folk all on the home page.  Not sure how you feel about it?  Don’t knock it till you try it!
    So why have these new platforms become suddenly popular?  Molly helped us break it down to one simple thing: being connected.  Each allows users to stay connected in new ways to people they usually wouldn’t connect with at all.  It’s an extra bonus for teens if they are able to connect with celebrities.
    Well there you have it folks.  The teens are the energizer bunnies of the social media world, keep up if you can!