Setting The Stage For Digital Leadership?

    Sam Mutimer

    Social media monitoring is a biggie..full stop! By monitoring what people are saying about your brand you can gain an outstanding insight into how it is perceived. With this valuable information, it enables the brand to see what’s working and what’s not, it also gives them a huge influence over others in engaging and interacting real time with their audience/community – thanking people when thanking is due and cleaning up the spilt milk, changing the bad to good.
    We are luuurving what Gatorade are up to! A big brand that are all over the monitoring process and reaping the rewards in a huge way!!! It’s a triple edged sword, not only are they setting the benchmark yet they are keeping the brand fresh, assisting to it’s voice and also pumping cool campaigns out like this (see video below) which enables influencers, like us bloggers, to assist them with the marketing and awareness! (bloggers are a truly powerful source in assisting a brand to build up credibility and trust).
    Check this out guys – Gatorade’s Social Media Mission Control! A power mix of IBM and Radian6 it’s monitoring everything said about the brand, right here, right now!! Love it!!
    So, are they setting the stage for digital leadership or have you seen another brand nailing this space (monitoring aspect) ?

    via ( Digital Buzz Blog)