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Run into Judgement and Get Cozy

International Women’s Day #iwd2021 ❤️

A challenged world is an alert world & from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.

I haven’t been to a networking event in a while, yes Covid has been a handbrake, however, even prior to this, I simply hadn’t made the time, until last Friday.

It was brought to my attention that there was a “Championing Change in Sports and Business” breakfast powered by Law Squared to celebrate #IWD2021.

The title of the event immediately grabbed my attention, and as I read through the calibre of the 3 panellists I knew an early morning trip into the city was on the cards.

On the travel in, I reflected on the post I put up the day prior called ” Run into Judgement and get cosy”. It was a post I’d been meaning to compile for a while, and for some reason, it felt like the right day to do it.

Over the years I’ve experienced female friends, friends of friends, women in the community and some female family members, hold back on their goals, aspirations and desires because of other peoples opinions.

When friends shared their ideas, I could see many of these coming to fruition, however, a lot of their attention was consumed around judgement, fear and other peoples opinions.

Everyone has their own drivers and opinions, however, I’ve never seemed to have been wired to hold back. Maybe it’s a UK thing..put yourself out there, be noisy but add substance.

I’ve always been an action taker, backed myself (albeit at times deep down, there were only glimmers of it) but never the less, the action was taken. Some decisions have paid off tremendously, whilst others have left me in dire straights, losing money, people and a chip in my ego, probably not a bad thing.

Now in my 40’s and over these years, I’ve fallen in love with NO, as it’s NO that fuels me to find a way and keep up the momentum.

As I settled into the front row of the breakfast session, waiting to absorb the wisdom of the panellists, I looked around at the impressive turnoutAll these people were here, like me, to learn, contribute and support females to be the best version of themselves and to GO GET IT (whatever IT is to them).

Moderated by the impressive Georgia Beattie who held the attention of the room, we were captivated by 3 striking panellists.

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Director, Diversity Advocate Leigh Russell enlighted us with her raw and honest responses to Georgias questions, that there’s always a way, and GO find it. No one ever has that perfect Instagram lifestyle, so get your hands dirty, focus on looking after yourself, and others and keep momentum. Lastly, this was a big one, and I totally back Leigh here. Put your hand up for opportunities, you don’t always need another degree to go get that next career of your choice, it’s all in the journey. If you think you’d nail the job, then you won’t last long as there’s little growth in that.

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CEO of Sport Australia Robert Dalton shared that it takes time to change, embrace it and speak up for what you believe in. Everyone has a voice, so don’t let anyone silence it, and speak in an honest and authentic manner. This is a winning strategy.

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Lastly, Co-Founder and Director of 776BC Kate McKenzie-McHarg empowered us by showing anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Even with 2 young girls and a partner who also works in the business, you can go get what you want. Communication and support are key here though.

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I left the event with my mind buzzing after all the wisdom that was shared. Thank you to everyone who was involved in putting this powerful and knowledge sharing breakfast together.

As females we sometimes need to let go of the unknown, to remember each of us are unique, and that’s our power. To back ourselves, put our hand up and learn to fall in love with NO.

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As I wrap up this article, let’s all take a minute to reflect. Is there something you want bad enough, yet you’re putting it off due to what others may think?

For those holding back in taking action, due to other peoples opinions…don’t.

I was told by many people 12 years ago that I could never create a career leveraging social media.

Not one person believed it was possible. That was the fuel to find a way and make it happen.

So, for those who are fearful of judgement, I say to run into it, embrace it and get cozy, because if you don’t, you’ve already lost.

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