#royalbaby Is Coming & Social Media Channels Are Powering Up

    Sam Mutimer

    #royalbaby #royalbabywatch and #greatkatewait are the popular hash tags slamming into our news feeds across many social sites right now! Twitter, Facebook and Instagram being the most common. When you head to twitter expect to see updates around the hash tag #royalbaby on average of 1 every minute. I’m in a nervous sweat to ensure I get this post finished prior to that very next important tweet announcing it! Gaaa…
    What’s been happening in the social world in Australia over the last 24 hours?
    In brief, if you scour the social web the most commonly used words around the build up are shown below (the bigger the word, the more conversation).

    When looking further into these words you can expect to see conversation threads around the following:

    • Some media networks are camping out at the wrong hospital
    • The half blooded prince
    • The queen leaving the ashes early
    • The queen mentioning that she’d like it to arrive, as she’s going on holiday, along with the usual and expected guessing of names and gender. It’s also rumored they’ll be having a girl called Alexandra.

    The sentiment over the last 24 hours remains generally neutral with many people just mentioning that they are waiting for the birth to happen but adding no real context to the either excitement or annoyance of the build up.
    Below is the volume of mentions of the royal baby over the past day.

    The general consensus is that it’s going to be a girl.
    Predictions as to what will happen on Social Media:

    • People will create their own digital tributes…as seen in the featured image of this post.
      These will dominate the Instagram platform giving people the opportunity to contribute and share in the moment.
    • Twitter will be challenged as it’s platform gets throttled with tweets from around the globe mentioning the birth of the new royal. #royalbaby will be the trending hash tag used.
    • There will be fake pictures lurking and also fake gender and names…along with fake BREAKING NEWS updates!
    • The news will break on twitter prior to any traditional news source or any other social networking channel.

    Watch this space, as soon as the news breaks I will be updating this post with the latest conversation trends and insights from across Australia’s digital tribes!