Returning the Love – Recognising Your Online Community

    Anthea Kuthan

    So, you’ve created your brand profiles on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve built up a following. But what comes next?
    Facebook has moved on from the days when you ‘like’ a page and then forget about it. Nowadays business pages need to work for ‘likes’. Rewarding and thanking your ‘likers’ and ‘followers’ on Facebook and Twitter is becoming plain social etiquette. Think of your awaiting social audience as patrons at a concert or comedy event. We all love to be entertained. By liking your page, they’re saying ‘entertain me!’ and thou shalt be rewarded with engagement and/or sales. Cha-ching!
    Celebrate milestones
    This is crucial! Think of it as you sharing a special moment with friends or family. Time to celebrate! The larger your following gets the more WIN WIN it is for you and your growing business. YOU have made this happen. Be sure to not only give yourself a pat on the back, but reward your community of ‘likers’ or followers with quirky and creative ‘thank you’ content. Get creative and think outside the box. Videos work well for engagement and give your community the opportunity to see a different and more personal side of your business.
    Offers & Competitions
    Having exclusive offers and discounts and sharing them regularly with your Twitter or Facebook community can be a fantastic way to not only generate more fans, but also allow you to track how your offer translates into your ROI plans. Create a special code or tracking number to keep an eye on how each offer is performing. Competitions are also a great way of rewarding your fans and creating a solid fan base. The more brand advocates, the better!
    Keep it simple
    It may sound small, but acknowledging fans and followers can be a great reward in itself. Simply interacting with your fans regularly on Twitter, or thanking Facebook followers when they comment or engage with your content can be a form of social reward. ‘Like’ and respond to their comments. This is an opportunity for you to listen, find out what they like and use this information to provide more quality content. Then, they bring their friends to the party. And, of course, you thank them for the love.
    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can learn from them and they will feed into your engagement strategy. Knowing what doesn’t work often sheds light on what does work.
    Overall, try and be innovative. Your fans/followers will love you for it. Don’t be scared; try not to stay safe. Step out of your comfort zone and lap up the limelight. All these actions will assist you in achieving brand brilliance!

    The guys over at Kraft are killing it in the creativity stakes. How you are recognizing and thanking? Can you compete with this?