Quick Review Of The Herald Sun iPad App

    Sam Mutimer

    Keeping up to date with news can prove to be quite a difficult task. Herald Sun have found a niche in the market and put their resources together to create a revolution in the Australian news market, an iPad app that encompasses all their current news and videos in one easy to use application.
    Once you open the application you are not faced with a login page, which for most iPad users is a sigh of relief. One thing to note is the size of the application itself, it’s iPad friendly meaning you don’t have to deal with pixelated images or text plus its quick, clean and engaging. It covers multiple areas of interest, catering to almost every reader’s needs. The app allows readers to change the text size and share articles via email or Facebook, proving to be a very popular feature on the regular website.
    The ‘Watch’ section boasts a variety of news videos in crisp viewing quality and the option to choose the video size. The gallery however, does not provide much choice with only one gallery being displayed, slightly annoying if you have no interest in the new AFL draft picks.
    The price? $7.99 per month, which one would assume they were getting an ad-free app, however this is not the case with one full page ad popping up every 3-5 articles selected. Unlike the online site, readers do not have the option to leave comments on any articles, or view comments left by other readers.
    Overall the application is impressive, informative and very convenient for people on the go. Herald Sun have definitely set the benchmark high for news-based iPad applications, with the quality of the application sticking to The Herald Sun’s standards. It’s definitely a step forward for the traditional news group and will most likely generate a lot of users.
    We’d love to know your thoughts below, is this convenient and would you use it? Would you pay $7.99 per month for an app instead of using the free websites? The official hashtag is #HSUNIPAD let Herald Sun know your thoughts too, I’m sure they’re open for feedback.