PepsiCo Social Media Campaign with Foursquare

    Sam Mutimer

    Off the back of our recent post on Foursquare, we know that there are some that love it and some that hate it.
    In very recent news, the powerhouse brand PepsiCo announced it is launching a location-based social networking campaign with Foursquare including its very own geo-targeting mobile application – Pepsi Loot. It is really simple – Restaurants that sell Pepsi are pointed easily found and when customers drop in to pick up a drink, Pepsi will reward them with great incentives such as free music downloads and other things.
    When we first heard about Foursquare, this type of application is exactly where my mind went straight away. Part of the reason we persisted with it so early on.
    In the context of SMS adverting, In a September 2009, Mobile Commerce report, the AIMIA found that 39% were willing to receive advertising direct to their mobile phone for little incentives and prizes (Australian Stats).
    It also has to be said that campaigns such as these are still in the experimental stage and reach is yet to be fully realised.  You may have noticed your local café has a special that you can unlock for a free beverage or the like. Our own clients Caroline Services Apartments recently caused a flutter of activity on their Brighton premises with accommodation give away for Foursquare Day.
    So what are other ways that traditional business could use this form of media? I would really love your creative ideas on the below business……
    Hand Carwash
    Tax Accountants
    Clothes Boutiques