Optimise Your Facebook Page For 2014

    David Thomas

    With the recent facelift of the Facebook Pages for business, Facebook has implemented a few notable design changes as well as functionality. If you aren’t too Facebook savvy, it can be a little troubling knowing where to start when optimising your Page so it looks professional, clean and pronounced.
    Have a Solid Structure
    Having a solid structure to your Facebook Page is quintessential. People need to be able to find information they want easily and effortlessly; otherwise they’ll just move on – which may result in loss of web traffic and engagement. This means sorting your Page information and descriptions neatly and making sure your Tabs are in some form of order (even though they are soon to be phased out for a drop-down in the new Pages layout).
    Use Great Photography
    The Internet is becoming more and more visual; we know this. Photos on Facebook generate the most engagement; we also know this. Feel inspired by great photography (Instagram is great for this!) and produce content in a way that will convey your message or information graphically. If you can entertain AND inspire your audience at the same time, you’ve got the right recipe!
    New changes to the Pages timeline mean that it is all contained in a new single column feed, allowing for larger images to be displayed, whilst also giving the Page a tidier feel.
    Run Competitions
    Think about how to offer incentives to your followers. Running timeline competitions and Facebook Tab competitions are a great way of reaching your fans, engaging with them, and making them feel apart of something exclusive if they only know about it if they follow your Page. Rewards are appealing!
    Be Grammatical
    No one likes reading spelling mistakes, poor grammar, incorrect statements or embarrassing blunders. Everything you post through your page must be a reflection of the quality that your brand supplies.
    Link Your Content
    Link to blogs, websites, sales forms, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and every other piece of content you post online. Use Facebook as a portal to other channels as well so people can connect to every aspect of your business. With Google’s new SEO algorithm, backlinking is extremely important for SEO purposes as it will recognise the legitimacies in your content and relate them to one another, ranking you higher in search.
    Respond to Comments
    There is always big debate around what a Page’s response time should be. Some say the sooner, the better – and that can be exactly right, if you’re a large tele-communications company with the man-power! Depending on your industry, and the resources allocated to responding will determine what your response time should be. Survey’s conducted suggest that majority of people expect a response anywhere between one hour and 24 hours to be acceptable, but I believe that it is important to keep your response times consistent to everyone on your Page so your fans know what to expect.
    Nail these six points on the head, and you’ll have no trouble in guaranteeing your Page will have success. We’d love to hear your story, or if you are having trouble with your Facebook Page, feel free to drop us a line here or in the comments section below.